Canberra in Bloom Bridge Festival

Friday October 2 to Monday October 5, 2015

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Canberra in Bloom

ABF Restricted Pair Subsidy

  The Australian Bridge Federation is offering a subsidy for 2 pairs to go to the Australian National Championships in Perth in 2015, see “”.   In summary, $2,000.00 plus entry fee for each of 2 pairs.


Pairs are eligible to compete for the subsidy if each player has less than 300 masterpoints as at 1 January 2015, and both are members of a BFACT affiliated club.


BFACT will offer the subsidy to the highest placed eligible pair at 2 events:

1.  Penline 500 Swiss Pairs on 17 and 18 January (which is part of the Summer Festival of Bridge),

2.  BFACT Open Team Last Train on 26 April.

Niek Van Vucht

BFACT Tournament Secretary




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